Thursday, 26 January 2012

Artificial Intelligence

     This technology is used in the organization at the Japan. This technology brings many benefit in the organization. The benefit are helps restaurant management to conduct the business and manage their business activities. It also reduce the cost to pay the workers salary because with this technology they did not need many workers. For example for 1 robot can replace 5 workers in one time. It shows that this technology very useful for the manager increase the profit but at the same time the organization must face the loss when this technology damage. Besides that, this technology can reduce the careless of workers because the robot is setting to be a very professionals robot. They can perform 24 hours per day. Customer did not waste time to wait for the services in food deliver. In addition, different from human being this robot will not involve in problematic manner.


The prototype robot fish, modeled after carp, have been swimming around the London Aquarium as they await their release off northern Spain in 2011.
It is full with tiny chemical sensors, the fish will collect data on pollution in the port of Gijón and wirelessly transmit the information back to the port's control center.

The sensors will detect hazards such as chemical spills and fertilizer runoff and will allow officials to map in real time the sources and impacts of pollution, Doyle said.

So far, it also seems unlikely the robot fish will be mistaken for prey: At the London Aquarium, sharks steer clear of the fake fish, possibly because the predators find the robots' electromagnetic fields unpleasant, Doyle said.

At the same time, scientists are working to ensure that the sounds of the robots and other factors don't disrupt the natural environment, he added.


       This smart cleaner robot can helps the housekeeper clean the house. It also can helps at the office to reduce the cost to pay the cleaners salary. Moreover, it can do the works as fast as possible and save time and energy. 

It services is very effecient and effective because they can clean about 99%. This cleaner robot can follow our instruction without any complain. 
Besides that, it easy to move everywhere although in the small places. It has variation of colour such silver, blue and gold. The cleaner robot has computer inside it body and it has a security for the users or the owners to use it.


         This censored light security is setting as security to the office, building, factory, house and suitable places that need the security provision. It smaller and easy to move. It has high sensitivity due to the environment.

When it detect the unexpected situation it will come out with a loud sound to alarm other people. It also has provide a chemical ingredients inside the body that will make " uninvited" person became weak.

In addition, censored light security robot can helps during the fire with only use it smoke.

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